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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cheap Find!

A couple of weeks ago I started a new job and while on a lunch break I headed to see what Holiday sales I found in the nearby Walmart. I've always said that you can never underestimate a store because you quite never know and this was my case in point with my fabulous finds in Walmart. While passing by the jewelry department, I spotted through the corner of my eye a table full of watches. Boy, was I glad I went to check them out because I found some awesome watches for only $10.88. YES, $10.88!!! They had tons of different designs and colors but specifically one design caught my eye.

For a while now I had been spotting a Marc Jacobs watch but knew it would've came out pricey because I wanted 3 colors: Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Three colors that would've added the final touch to an endless amount of outfits. Perfect for work, casual days and nigh outs.

For less than $35 bucks, I got the steal of the century and they look pretty damn close to the original things. I'm fine with not having the designer watches and more than content with my purchase.

I'm in love with my new watches : )

Loveee, Ana

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