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Friday, December 28, 2012

Carmakoma Wishlist

"Carmakoma is driven by unprejudiced joy of fashion. The Danish brand designs clothes providing curvy women with an appetite to taste new experiences and an urge to show off their beautiful bodies. Fashion is a passion shared among women in all shapes and sizes. To dress in style is about bringing out your individual personality and feeling good while doing it. Designer wear should not produce fashion victims, but help any woman to independently express all aspects of her identity and mood."

As describe on their site, Carmakoma offers many unique pieces that are perfect for the office and night outs. There are a couple of pieces that I have my eye on and might just give in to treating myself.





What are your thoughts on my wishlist items? Love it or Hate it? Leave me a comment below.

Make sure to check these and a lot more pieces at

Loveee, Ana


  1. I love the stripe and high to low shirt. Very cute! Here's my Carmakoma wish! ;)

    oXo, J

  2. Ahh Anita I'm soo happy to see you blogging again girl!! You are truly a fashionista. I'm looking foward to more great posts! I'll text you, we def need to hang out and catch up :) Miss you girly <3