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Friday, December 28, 2012

Carmakoma Wishlist

"Carmakoma is driven by unprejudiced joy of fashion. The Danish brand designs clothes providing curvy women with an appetite to taste new experiences and an urge to show off their beautiful bodies. Fashion is a passion shared among women in all shapes and sizes. To dress in style is about bringing out your individual personality and feeling good while doing it. Designer wear should not produce fashion victims, but help any woman to independently express all aspects of her identity and mood."

As describe on their site, Carmakoma offers many unique pieces that are perfect for the office and night outs. There are a couple of pieces that I have my eye on and might just give in to treating myself.





What are your thoughts on my wishlist items? Love it or Hate it? Leave me a comment below.

Make sure to check these and a lot more pieces at

Loveee, Ana

Christmas Eve OOTN

Hii guys! So I'm a little late with my post on what I wore on Christmas Eve but late is better than never : )

So for this past Christmas Eve, my sister and I headed out to the Bronx to spend it with my dad and family. Comfort is one of my most important factor to an outfit. It kills me to see a beautiful outfit and behind close doors, all you feel is pain. A huge NO NO for me. Beauty is pain but to a certain extent, haha. While revamping my closet, I rediscovered a couple of colored jeans that I bought from Ashley Stewart yearsss ago. I picked out the burgundy color for this outfit because I love mixing bold and neutrals colors together. I added my signature accessories along with my nude color booties. And that was it, comfort and stylish all in one.

Outfit Details:
Burgundy Jeans- Ashley Stewart (bought 4 years ago)
Cream Turtleneck- Target (straight sizes)
Cream Sweater- Target (straight sizes)
Booties- Payless (last winter)
Necklace- Vintage Shop
Gold watch- Walmart
Earrings- Aldo
Ring- Vintage Shop


Loveee, Ana

Saturday, December 22, 2012

H&M Haul

Here is an awesome haul from a little shopping trip I did earlier this past week. It's like I'm destined to always find good sales and I'm not complaining : )

All of the pieces below were on clearance and also were Buy ONE GET ONE FREE as well. This was probably the best $40 I've ever spent in H&M #teamwinning!

I paid full price for the earrings below but at less than $10, it was a steal.

Make sure to check out your local H&M this holiday season !

Loveee, Ana

Bootie Dupe Alert

A couple of weeks ago while out shopping in Macy's with my sister and cousin, I spotted some really cute booties that I just needed to add to my closet. The more I looked at them, the more I felt like I already had a similar pair at home. Glad I didn't buy in the spur of the moment cause I sure did have a veryyy similar pair at home already.

On the left are the Michael Kors Elliot Booties (picture taken from the Macy's display) and on the right are my at home booties. I got them last fall while on clearance from Payless. The Elliot booties retails for $175 while I bought mines for about $20. Huge difference! They both have the same fit, same color, same everything!

The more you get to know me, the more you'll see how much I love me some sales.

Loveee, Ana

Cheap Find!

A couple of weeks ago I started a new job and while on a lunch break I headed to see what Holiday sales I found in the nearby Walmart. I've always said that you can never underestimate a store because you quite never know and this was my case in point with my fabulous finds in Walmart. While passing by the jewelry department, I spotted through the corner of my eye a table full of watches. Boy, was I glad I went to check them out because I found some awesome watches for only $10.88. YES, $10.88!!! They had tons of different designs and colors but specifically one design caught my eye.

For a while now I had been spotting a Marc Jacobs watch but knew it would've came out pricey because I wanted 3 colors: Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Three colors that would've added the final touch to an endless amount of outfits. Perfect for work, casual days and nigh outs.

For less than $35 bucks, I got the steal of the century and they look pretty damn close to the original things. I'm fine with not having the designer watches and more than content with my purchase.

I'm in love with my new watches : )

Loveee, Ana

First OOTN!!!

Last weekend my friend, Yessy and I attended a private mixtape listening party for an amazing artist named Willie Caba in New York. It had been the first event that I had attended in a while so I was excited to come up with a comfy, casual, flirty look with my own personal twist. While out shopping with my cousins, I fell in love with gold jeggings. I know the thought of wearing any type of gold bottoms can be a bit scary for a fuller woman but I'm all about pushing the envelope while knowing what fits my body type. I came up with this look and I loved it ! Details, as always, will be posted below. Any comments and thought, I would love to read.

A close up of my necklace, I got asked alot about it on Facebook and Instagram. (Left side with flash and the right side without flash.)

Outfit Details:
Gold Jeggings- Easy Pickins
Coral Blazer- Thrifted
Tan Tank- Madrag
Booties- Payless (last winter)
Necklace- Charming Charlie (last spring)
Gold watch- Walmart
Clucth-Target (3 yrs ago)


Loveee, Ana

I'm backkk !

Hiii guys!!! So I'm back on my blogging mode and I promise to post at least 3 to 4 times a week. I got caught up with life, family and work but I truly missed blogging and showing the world how I expressed myself through fashion.

Since many of you not know me, I figured I'd give you a little intro about meee : My name is Ana and I loveee all things beauty and fashion. Fashion to me isn't just an article of clothing, it's my life. Proud Dominicana and currently reside in Northern New Jersey. Although I'm only 25 yrs old, I've been through a lot that has changed me into a wiser woman. I'm in the works of opening up my own online plus size fashion boutique, hoping to launch for the Spring. (I'll go into details on that on another post.) I buy and wear what I like, I don't care about the name brand or what store it came from. You'll see it all if you follow me. I am a freelance MUA and an aspiring wardrobe stylist. There is so much more to me but I'll just save that for later.

Make sure to follow to keep with me, stay tuned!!!

Loveee, Ana